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Don’t Bag the Environment

Paddy Pallin established the "Don't Bag the Environment" program back in 1992 as a means by which we can make a positive contribution towards reducing unnecessary packaging from our stores. To encourage you to support our efforts, every time you decline a shopping bag with your purchase, Paddy Pallin will donate 20 cents towards a nominated project which helps to preserve Australia’s natural heritage. ‘Don’t Bag the Environment’ aims to:


Over the years, Paddy Pallin have partnered with various charities with our ‘Don’t Bag the Environment’ initiative; the below outlines our most recent campaigns:


Tasmanian Land Conservancy

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) safeguards habitat and rare ecosystems by buying private land and creating new reserves for conservation. As well as protecting and managing their own reserves, the TLC supports landholders to protect nature on their properties, while partnering with organisations to achieve nature conservation.

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AG Society

The AG Society, founded in 1987 is a not-for-profit organization which is made up of the thousands of Australian Geographic magazine subscribers, is dedicated to supporting scientific research, protecting our environmental and natural heritage and spreading the knowledge of Australia to Australians and the world. The AG Society is fundraising to help the native Gouldian Finch.

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Invasive Species Council

The ISC is a not-for-profit lobbying organization focusing on the early action and prevention to conserve Australia’s natural heritage from feral species and introduced diseases. The Invasive Species Council have created the campaigns ‘Protect Australia’ which is creating awareness around Australia’s biosecurity and ‘Reclaim Kosci’- to change the legislations around the Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018, put in place to protect the feral horses in the sensitive Snowy Mountains.

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The Great Koala National Park

The National Park Association of NSW has proposed the GKNP; by adding 175,000ha of state forests to already protected areas to form a 315,000ha reserve in Coffs Harbour hinterland, the NPA hope to create a metapopulation for the smaller koala populations in the region.

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Orange-Bellied Parrot
2016 to 2017

Every Summer the wild Orange-Bellied Parrot population gathers at Melaleuca, in Tasmania’s remote South West Wilderness, before migrating to the mainland for Winter. The population, which is now less than 70 individuals, is monitored by dedicated volunteers from the Wildcare group, Friends of OBP. 

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