takayna Trail - Run to Save Wild Places 2021

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Sustainable Timber Tasmania denies access to public lands for the running of the takayna Trail – Run to Save Wild Places 2021.


“Don’t get depressed. Get active!” take a few minutes to write to Premier Peter Gutwein and add your voice to those calling for access to be granted.

You can email Premier Gutwein at: premier@dpac.tas.gov.au


The takayna / Tarkine region of the northwest of Tasmania has been the home to the annual takayna Trail ultra-marathon event since 2019. This epic 50km+ run traverses tracts of wilderness of astounding beauty; ancient rainforest, buttongrass plains and profound rivers. It is also a region that includes spectacular beaches and some of the richest Aboriginal heritage in our hemisphere.


The forests here are relicts of the great forests of Gondwana. Cool temperate rainforests are a rarity worldwide; takayna’s cool temperate rainforest is the largest in Australia, it is wild and largely untouched, and as such it is of great national significance. It is a place of great beauty and true wilderness. The function of the run hosted by the Bob Brown Foundation is to raise funds and awareness around the fight to save the takayna / Tarkine region from acid mine drainage, deforestation, and off-road vehicle damage, as well as campaigning to have this land listed as a World Heritage National Park. Last week the state forestry body, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, has refused access to the public land of takayna / Tarkine for this minimal impact event.


Since 1930 Paddy Pallin has been supporting community initiatives to conserve our iconic Australian environment and we are proud sponsors of the takayna Trail. The team at Paddy Pallin are truly outraged by the decision to refuse access to public land by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. Tim Pallin, Managing Director of Paddy Pallin, and our 2020 takayna athlete Sanja, share here their open letters to the Tasmanian Premier and Minister for Tourism, Peter Gutwein, who can overturn this heinous decision.



Tim Pallin- Managing Director, Paddy Pallin Open Letter:

Premier Gutwein,

I am writing to seek your intervention, as Premier and Minister for Tourism, in a matter that troubles me greatly. 

The takayna Ultra is a trail running event held in the takayna / Tarkine of Tasmania’s far north west. The course runs through wilderness that has been recommended for world heritage listing.  Competitors can choose to enter either a 50+ kilometre ultra-marathon or a 20 kilometre trail.  The event is also attempting to raise awareness of this important and fragile area and the old growth logging being carried out by Sustainable Timber Tasmania.  Sustainable Timber Tasmania has now taken steps to restrict access to this event.  The event is held on public land and I ask for your assistance to ensure that the takayna Ultra event goes ahead this March 2021.

It is essential that our society learns to transition away from activities that pillage the few remaining remnants of wilderness we have left.  Causing long term ecological damage and releasing stored C02 in return for, at best, meagre short term financial gain makes no sense.  Events such as the takayna Ultra attract runners from all over the world to compete and experience Tasmania’s world class wilderness.  This is a perfect example of just one way that wilderness can be a long term money earner for the state. 

The event is to be held in a matter of weeks, so I request that you respond to this situation urgently.


Tim Pallin
Managing Director
Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd



Sanja V- Paddy Pallin takayna Ultra 2020 runner Open letter:

This is me March 2020, at the finish line of the takayna Ultra (see below). Despite tearing up most of the way during the race and also being extremely dehydrated, I was still able to burst out into complete sobs at the end. I will always remember crossing the finishing line to Nicole Anderson's smile, and sobbing “it’s too much. It’s so beautiful… it’s so powerful” (yeah, and also crying a little bit over the pain from running 65km through sand. True.) I cannot describe the beauty of the landscape, nor the overwhelming sense of culture etched in by 60000 years of Indigenous history.

It was super exciting to hear that the next event was to have a new course, through the Tarkine’s cool-temperate rainforest, exposing runners to the expansiveness and variety of the place.

This March 2021, hundreds of runners, spectators, and the whole of North-west Tasmania may be deprived of this experience by (Un)Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. My heart ached at the announcement yesterday morning. The 2021 takayna event may actually be cancelled as Sustainable Timbers Tasmania are refusing access for the event to use PUBLIC LANDS! *deep breath*
…I feel so many emotions about this and there are a lot of things I want to say, but I am choosing to go with the Bob Brown mantra, ‘Don’t get depressed. Get active!”.

One thing I will say is that this announcement only reiterates Sustainable Timbers Tasmania’s selfish, shallow and short-sighted vision for Tasmania, heavily compromising the future of our state and any progress in achieving a middle-ground between conservation and forestry.
I figure their logic goes something along the lines of “well, you bloody greenies are always getting in our way; it is time to get in yours”.

We all know the reality is that for every area of logging delayed by ‘bloody greenies’, there is always another coop waiting. Don’t kid yourselves.

I am urging you, Premier Gutwein, to stand up for conservation and protect the incredible and irreplaceable takayna / Tarkine region by supporting the tarkayna 2021.

For takayna, for the wild!

Ultra Athlete



We are calling on you, our Paddy Pallin Community, to give a voice to takayna Trail 2021, please contact the Tasmanian Premier and Minister for Tourism, Peter Gutwein, write to Tasmanian newspapers and call ABC talkback radio to express your concerns and ensure they don’t lock the public out of public land! 
You can email Premier Gutwein at: premier@dpac.tas.gov.au 


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